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How to properly conduct market research in Poland

FMCG branch means Fast Moving Consumer Goods. It is characterised by very high level of competitiveness. As you can guess, that is because its market definition – fast moving. This is a branch of articles of daily use, which meet the consumer needs. This means many clients, high demand, low manufacture cost and bulk sale. On the other hand this branch is characterized by very high level of competitiveness (in each shop every client has a choice of many brands based on the size of the shop). So, the company has secured market for its products, and – on the other hand – many competitors. Especially debut on this market is difficult and demands additional costs of marketing operations. Therefore it is recommended to conduct market research in Poland in this branch. It should be the basis for actions by such divisions as: sales department, marketing department, customer service department.

Which products

In FMCG you can find companies which produce groceries, domestic detergents, cosmetics. In each of these branches customers are rather loyal. But effective marketing campaign may change their habits. The producer should be prepared for each eventuality. It means that the producer should take care of products quality, prices, distribution channels, advertisements, social media activity, complaints.

Which market research Poland

To release a new product on the market, on which customers does not like novelty and maintain leadership position of previous products, it is substantial to conduct properly marketing research. Results of this research projects allows to provide data essential to develop appropriate strategy for the company. It begins from the conception of research project (such as: which product, which target group, sale price, marketing strategy, distribution channels, advertising efficiency). It is necessary to conduct research also about competitiveness, cooperators. It means consumer insights, product concepts and prototypes research, advertising concept testing (packaging/advert – storyboards/stillomatics), advertising campaign tracking, segmentation research.

Which methods/techniques

Within methods of this projects you can find qualitative research. It is relatively expensive and long-lasting. And this method means that results are difficult to generalize to the entire population. But it is possible to choose wisely respondents according to demographic and economic variables, lifestyle, shopping preferences and other. Within the techniques of the qualitative research you can find: IDI – individual in-depth interview, FGI – focus group interview, Mystery Client. It is recommend to use at least two of these techniques for proper conduct of the research project.

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